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First-Time Nudist Experience

Glad I did it!

I've been sleeping nude since high school and would walk around the house nude whenever I had the chance. After several years of being an at home nudist I started researching nudism and found there was a clothing optional resort not too far from my apartment. I took a day off work and drove up there, feeling nervous the whole way because I had never been naked in front of someone in a non-romantic setting. When I arrived I parked by the office and walked in, still clothed. When I walked in, the receptionist greeted me and I noticed she was not nude, which made me wonder if I was at the right place. She confirmed I was, and I asked if I could take a tour. She said she would be happy to give me a tour and answer any questions I had. I asked if it was ok for me to disrobe, and she said it was a little too chilly for her tastes (about 52 degrees) but I was welcome to do so if I was comfortable with it. I went out to my car and, in spite of my nerves, decided to just go for it! I took off all of my clothes and walked over to the golf cart waiting near by. I hopped on and was given a tour of the grounds and facilities. After a few minutes I actually forgot that I was naked! We met a few people along the way, and everyone was friendly and inviting. I spent the rest of the day there, feeling more and more comfortable as the day went on. I have been back there many times since, and am still trying to convince my wife to join me. One day, maybe she will, but for now it's my mini-vacation when I need to get my nude on!

First Nudist Experience

I was in San Diego with some time to spare and decided to cross visiting a nude beach off my wish list. Before I left, I looked at myself naked in the mirror. I had gained some weight recently. I was out of shape with a small belly and I looked pale. I asked myself out loud if I really wanted to go in public like this. I was mostly worried about my average size down there, especially with the cold water. I was petrified a female would see my unattractive body in a bathing suit, let alone naked. I decided to check it out anyway. It was a weekday and in the early afternoon, so I thought it might be empty.
After a long arduous climb down I was finally there. There was a topless female and her nude husband tanning and nobody else. I found a spot to sit and look around. It was almost empty.
Soon I noticed the couple had left. I was completely alone. Next came a series of attempts to work up the courage to strip down. There were several failed countdowns and missed self imposed deadlines. Soon I had everything but my shorts off but still had problems getting up the courage.
I finally decided to try it. I planned to take of my shorts, walk to the water and back, just so I could say I did it. As I undid my trousers, I noticed a super fit and attractive fully clothed jogger go in front of me. My heart started pounding. I had almost been caught in the nude by women who was probably a model. It turned out the beach was multi use, it was next to a clothed beach and a university. Several joggers used it every day. Now, I was really nervous.
I waited until the jogger was way up the beach and nobody else was around. I felt relatively safe and decided to do it. I undid my shorts, slipped them off and placed them on my towel.
At first, I felt really exposed. I even had a hard time walking strait. As I approached the water, I could feel the air between my legs and the heat of the sun on my backside. As I stood at the waters edge, I still felt exposed but I began to realize how relaxing it was. I looked around and saw boats, houses and crowds off in the distance and I still could not believe I was in a public place and completely nude.. I started to enjoy it. It really felt nice. I decided to go for walk to enjoy it some more.
As I walked, I looked up and saw my worst nightmare. The super attractive model was making a return trip up the beach and she was close, there was no time to hide. My heart was pounding as I was mortified.
Since there was nothing I could do, I decided to smile say hi. I expected her to look strait ahead and ignore me, maybe put here hand up to block her eyes. But instead she gave me a huge smile and a short wave. She even mouthed the word "Hi". That really boosted my confidence.
I was an exhilarating feeling walking around nude after that. I no longer felt embarrassed about my body. I really felt naked and free with no body shame. I even let a tourist take my nude photo.

First timers

My first time nude in public was in 1980. I had been reading about nudist resorts for a while. I mentioned the idea of going to a resort to my wife expecting a big fat NO. Instead she said yes right away.

We were living in Chicago and we found a I d resort in Burlington, WI. We went the next weekend. When we turned off the main road she took off her shirt and bra before we even bother to the office. We spent the nude and happy

Apollo Beach

I had heard that Apollo Beah at the Canaveral National Seashore had a nude beach at parking lot #5. When I arrived, the parking lot was full. So I parked at parking lot #4, and walked 2 miles to parking lot #5. When I got on the beach I asked the first nude person I met if I could go nude there, and not get arrested. He assured me I could, so I immediately removed my swim suit. What a feeling of freedom I felt. I spent the day swimming in the ocean, watching the sea birds, walking the length of the beach, collecting shells, and lieing in the sun WITHOUT having to wear a wet, soggy, clammy bathing suit. It was so great running through the waves, then coming out of the water, and feel the warm breezes drying my off within a couple of minutes. There was no need for a towel at all. And everyone I met while collecting shells and sea glass were so friendly, and nice to talk with. No one judged my body, as nobody had a had to be one of the most beautiful days of my life.

Glad I Did It

When I was in my 20's I wanted to try nudity. So one day when I was in my bedroom I took all my clothes off and wondered what my mother's reaction would be if she saw me naked. I wanted that to be my first nudist experience. So after getting up the courage to go to the family room where she was sitting,I walked right in front of her & told her that I'm a nudist & she was my first nudist experience. She said she was glad she was the first & didn't mind my nudity. I have been a nudist ever since.