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First-Time Nudist Experience

First Time At A Resort

The first time I was nude with other people was at Avatan in Minnesota. It was early May when I checked in. I was given a tour of the whole resort (clothed), and met a few regular members. I was given all the rules, which seem to be mostly normal for meeting and visiting with people. When I got back to my car I was on my own. I got undressed and started to walk along the road. I felt like everyone would be looking and thinking that must be a new guy, and I almost felt out of place.

The first people I met while nude was a couple. They greeted me and we chatted for a bit. I was not nervous at all. They reacted as if they had known me for a long time. I thought I might get an erection because the only time being nude around anyone was for sex. But I didn't; it was just so different than that.

It truly is just like meeting people with clothes on. It is an amazing feeling walking in the sun and trees nude. I love it. I went with this couple to the hot tub, the pool was not open yet. It felt great to feel the water over all of my body. It is so different than with a suit on. We had a nice chat and they invited me to have lunch at their cabin.I really enjoyed being there for the day. I would love to spend a few days there soon, to be nude for several days.

When it was time to leave, I felt let down that I had to put clothes on, and it felt different with them on.

Like Coming Home Again

My first nudist experience was at Truro beach on Cape Cod. It was a very hot summer in 1989 and I went with an ex-girlfriend. Her family were nudists and we also visited a club in Massachusetts. The whole experience was very liberating.

It took 20 years and many rejections from other girlfriends and 7 years of rejections from my wife before I returned to the naturist experience. It was a tough sell getting my wife to join me but we finally did it in 2008. The club members were very courteous and understanding of our apprehension.

Adjusting to being nude in front of strangers does take time, and visiting a club until it becomes comfortable is something I recommend. The second time at it was more difficult for me probably because I'm not as daring as I was 20 years ago.

Experiencing that memory of a foreign world of happy people enjoying life in the nude on a sunny day felt like coming home again. What you take for granted in the world is given new life when you can enjoy the way nature intended.

My involvement in naturism has motivated me to take care of my health. Engage in recreational activities that otherwise I wouldn't bother with. Mature my perspective of myself and others.

It's hard breaking a social taboo but my giant leap 20 years ago and my re-commitment now to broadening my horizons has been a benefit, not a detriment. Sharing this experience with my wife has benefited her; she is more self-confident. And our marriage has benefited as well.

Why My First Experience Saved My Sanity

I'm an old man now but many years ago my first experience with nudism may have saved my sanity. Growing up in a very large and old-fashioned family we were told being naked was evil and those parts were called dirty places. One day my mom yelled and fell to the floor in the bathroom wearing only her panties. I forced open the door but couldn't go in. My mind raced with needing to help her and not being able to because of her nakedness. I cried and wrestled with my conscience for a very long time afterwards.

Oracle is a very small town out in the back country of Arizona. I hunted and camped out as often as I was allowed to and during one of these trips I found myself wondering why being nude was so bad, even evil. I was very much alone with no one for miles around. I didn't know why just being nude could be so evil. I was even told I would go straight to hell if I went naked and was seen by someone, anyone.

Slowly I took off my clothes out there in God's view and felt wonderfully free. Later I walked around and marveled at how fantastic I felt. As I grew up there in Oracle I discovered the freedom and oneness with nature that comes with living a naturist lifestyle in the great open. Since then I've been a nudist and have help others get to over their fear of nudity. It saved my sanity.

My Story

I wasn't raised in a nudist family but I would go skinny dipping as a kid growing up on a farm. When I returned from the Gulf War I decided life was too short not to try something I was always interested in. So when I heard about a nude beach near where I was stationed I went. I had a great time; it was a very liberating experience.

I continued going and made friends. Over time I joined a club and then began going to nude resorts. I found that the people there were so open and honest and non-judgmental. I found that there were so many others just like me there and no one was there to check out others, just for the pure fun and joy of relaxing without clothes. I know that may sound hard to believe but that's the truth. We made great friends and my family became members to that club and even now we maintain our membership at a nearby club.

I just wish the public could see that we are normal, regular folks who just happen to enjoy relaxing without clothes on our time off. My grown daughter has tons of self-confidence about herself and part of the reason is that she knows what real women look like and doesn't feel insecure about herself. That is a direct result of her being raised in a nudist household. I think that if more people tried it they would see what I'm talking about.

Hiking In The Nude

Having experienced public nudity on occasion in the past, I am no stranger to that feeling of once experienced, never going back. However, I began noticing stories about hiking naked out west and in the Alps, first in Wikipedia, then elsewhere, seven years ago.

What a simple, logical idea that couldn't possibly fly on the east coast, or so I thought. I had to try it (bucket list if you will). Like skinny dipping in the breeze instead of in the water. So I headed to Vermont where I could find suitably remote terrain and legality. Well all I can say is that the experience was transforming, like that of discovering the freedom relaxation and peace of nudity for the first time, all over again.

Since that fateful moment, I have hiked, backpacked, and camped hundreds of miles on the remote trails of the northeast, in all kinds of weather. I have gone for as long as a week without putting on clothes in the outback during the summer. I have hiked bare for hours at a time in the snow. I one day hiked in the nude legally and without troubling anyone, in a city (Toronto...CO beach and immediate surroundings off season in November).

Being in the nude in the wilderness is a life affirming outdoor activity that has few rivals in my humble opinion. It sharpens your senses and your awareness of your natural surroundings and those creatures that share this small part of the universe with us. Also you soon realize how wonderfully adept our bodies are, as delivered by our Creator, at accommodating the challenges of our environment. Sweat management is a breeze. Animals of the forest come closer and accept your presence more readily. I once had a moose cross my path, and pause, not more than three arms lengths in front of me. We stared at each other for the better part of three minutes, both calmly accepting each others' right to be there. Finally I spoke up and apologized to Mr Moose for startling him, the same greeting that I usually use in my infrequent encounters with textiles. With that he took one final unconcerned look at me and ambled off, crashing through the underbrush.


Long distance hikers are accepting, even encouraging, of my preference. I choose my times and locations, so as to avoid having to explain the many pleasures of hiking in the buff to uneasy parents with children in tow. Part of the ethic of this form of outdoor recreation is acceptance and respect for the feelings of others less comfortable with the idea. I go out of my way to avoid "clothed encounters". Alas, life is not perfect and those occasional "sightings" by unsuspecting others, of my unadorned body have been pleasant and positive events. Once seen, I never cover up(sends wrong message) Freehiking can be a social or a solo activity. It suits my lifestyle and work schedule as it can be tucked into my days off, spontaneously as time permits, most any time of the year.

Nudism encourages creativity. Freehiking is worth adding to your bucket list. -Dan