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First-Time Nudist Experience


My first experience with social nudity was in high school in Detroit during the 1960s. The boys' swim class had every boy in the nude. I enjoyed swimming with no bathing suit then and still do now. Swimming in the nude during high school planted a seed.
During my time in the Army, I experienced nudism in an oversea location. I could not pursue it, because of being deployed in a combat zone.
Most of the time during my ages of 20 through 50, I wasn't aware of any organizations in the area in Michigan where I lived. I did not know anyone at the time that participated in social nudism. I still practiced nudism at home when I could. It wasn't until around 2011, when I googled nudism, that I discovered that I could participate in nudist organizations. My first visit was in 2011 to "Whispering Oaks Nudist Resort" Oxford, MI. Whispering Oaks is a beautiful facility with friendly people. I was very pleased that there were other people there that were nude, and were very welcoming. I was happy to find a place where I could begin participating with other people and take all my clothes off. I am sorry that I could not pursue going to Whispering Oaks more often, but I had a job loss and had to relocate outside the State of Michigan.
I now live in the area of Mammoth Cave, Kentucky. To my dismay, and at the present time, there are still no land based nudist organizations in the entire State of Kentucky. I looked on the internet at adjacent states to Kentucky for nudist organizations and found "Rock Haven Lodge Family Nudist Park" in Murfreesboro, TN. I did call ahead for my first visit back in the spring of 2013. I remember arriving at the resort, and finally being able to completely take all my clothes off and be completely nude. I was very pleased and proud to be accepted by the people at Rock Haven and have been a member since 2013. I appreciate that Rock Haven is not a clothing optional resort. Everyone is expected to be nude, with allowances made only for cold weather or sun burn. Rock Haven activities include basketball, cabin rentals, camping, children's playground, dancing, darts, game room, hot tub, model car racing, nature trail, pétanque, shuffleboard, pool and volleyball.
My time at "Rock Haven Lodge Family Nudist Park" means so much to me personally. I appreciate the set-up, organization, management, members and visitors at Rock Haven. I am willing to commute 150 miles one way from Munfordville, Kentucky to Murfreesboro, Tennessee where Rock Haven is located. I go to Rock Haven most Saturdays in the spring, summer and fall. I would recommend Rock Haven whether a first time visitor or a seasoned nudist. I look forward to the times when I can practice social nudity. My only regret is that I didn't start social nudism at a younger age.

Waited Too Long

I've actually been a nudist all my life but nobody knew until one year ago. I like most started going nude when I was very young. I had a creek and woods nearby my house and at the age of around 8 I would find a good spot away from houses and strip down and just wander through the woods. When I turned 12 I was allowed to babysit my younger brothers and sister every Saturday night when my parents would go out to a nightclub. I would make them go to bed early to give me more time to be nude around the house. As I got older I would find every opportunity I could to be in the nude. I eventually got married to a great girl. I had always slept in the nude since I was very young, and she was ok with this and even started to do it herself, but unlike me she would dress as soon as she got up. I would wander around nude for a while and then eventually would get dressed because I thought she was feeling uncomfortable with me that way. Well last year (30 years later) I decided to come out of this closet and take a chance. It was a rainy Saturday and I was doing my morning wandering when I mentioned to her I would love to stay nude all day. Without even a flinch she said "sure, why not." I was shocked. This was great. With that I told her my feelings on nudity and how much it meant to me, and her remark was that I should have said something sooner. She's not comfortable being nude all the time but understands that some people are and that's ok. I immediately joined AANR to find a nearby resort and to support this cause. It turns out that a year ago I had surgery on my back to repair damaged nerves but didn't help and ended up taking an early retirement on disability. You guessed it; I'm nude everyday 24/7 when I can. I haven't had a chance to get to a resort yet, but I did have my first experience with a social meeting of nudist. I try to bring up the nudist topic when I think it's appropriate just to feel people out. Well it payed off. I mentioned it in conversation with my neighbor who said, "oh yea my brother and his wife are into that." I asked her to mention me to them when she got a chance and two days later he called me and asked if I would like to try a BBQ they were having. Ok, here I go. It was great. I was told to ring the doorbell a certain way, like a code, so he would know if this was a guest or someone else. When he answered the door he was nude except for holding a towel in front of himself. We introduced and he told me if I was ready for my first experience that I could undress right there in the living room and store my stuff in the closet. I did and walked straight outside. There were to my surprise 23 people there, but to tell you the truth, I felt very comfortable right away. Now I'm hooked. They invite me over a lot, usually just for dinner or a snack in the back yard. I still can't get my wife to come along but she's ok with it. I can't wait to get to a resort but in the meantime I'm thankful for the chances I'm getting and the support

finally did it

I moved to Idaho from a small desert town in the state of Washington. I loved the mountains and streams in this beautiful stated. On my frequent trips to my favorite river we would drive by a sign that said Sun Meadow Family Nudist Resort. I mentioned to the wife that we should stop there some time and check it out. "No way" she responded. So years later we divorced and as soon as I could I called and made an appointment to go check it out. In my youth I used to have a very private spot in the woods by our house where I would go get naked and just enjoy the feeling. So anyway I stopped in, went for the tour and 10 minutes later was a member and couldn't be happier.

It was October in Idaho so outdoor activity was pretty much nill. But I soon received the newsletter of sorts that Sun Meadow sends to members. And there were concerts, Dances, and dinners and just cool happenings going on all winter long. And every Saturday there was kind of like a meet and greet potluck. So I went and didnt know a soul. And evidently it showed as a couple came over and sat down next to me. "Newbie?" they asked. They took me under there wing for the evening and now I know most all the members and with any luck have met my future wife there. What fun!

Our First Time

My wife and I started going to Gunnison Beach in NJ this past summer, She was hesitant on removing her bottoms as I had no problems going totally naked. On a recent trip to Jamaica our resort had a Au-Natural section our first day there We decided to check out the beach after meeting a very nice couple at the "textile" section beach our first nite there. Before we went my wife said to me that she was not removing her bottoms and I said ok we went back to our room to "freshen" up then left for the short walk to sunset beach.

We meet up with the couple that we meet at the bar the night before. Set our stuff down and proceeded to join in on the experience. I dropped my shorts with no problem I then turned to my wife as she was removing her cover-up expecting to see a g-sting bottom but was greeted with my wife being completely naked. My god was she a beautiful sight we then walked up to the bar for drinks and food. We enjoyed the experience so much and thanks to the couple we meet my wife was so comfortable there that we spent an entire week on that beach hardly ever going back to the textile side. now that we are home unfortunately to cold weather we cant wait to be able to go naked again.

We have decide that at least two weekend a month will be designated "clothing free" weekends as much as possible with all the kids we have.


I was a "closet nudist" my whole life. As a child I would get naked whenever my parents left me alone at home. I had a desire to be nude in nature, and as an adult I would visit remote areas of public parks and enjoy nude freedom. However I was always fearful of being caught. Both because it was illegal and I didn't want anyone to see my nude. I thought I was a weird sicko for wanting to be nude in nature, and tried to suppress my longing.
After years of illicit nudity in nature I realized I needed to find a legal way to enjoy being nude outdoors.

In February of 2011 I found Gulf Coast Resort online and decided to try it. I drove by once but lost my nerve. The next time I drove up to the gate and lost my nerve and left.
The third time I made it inside and went to the office. I was very nervous but the nice lady there put me at ease, gave me a tour, and information. I went back to my car and got NAKED.

I was a bit self-conscious about my body (I'm very skinny) and had no idea how people would react to seeing me naked. I walked around the office building to the small recreation area. I saw nude people of every shape and size playing tennis and other sports, and lounging by the pool. I was NAKED and no-one cared!
"Ohh" was the first thought that came to my mind. Something, like a switch, changed in my mind and I had a new perception of myself and others. I walked around the area and enjoyed the sun and wind on my bare body. It was so amazing! The freedom! No worries. Everyone was friendly. I visited every weekend for a few weeks.

When I joined AANR I found out about Lake Como Nudist Resort and started going there instead. It's so big and natural with wonderful nature trails I felt completely free and at ease.

Today I live in a nudist community, and I must say embracing nudism is the best thing I have ever done for myself. I feel that God led me to nudism. It's sad that I wasted half my life wearing clothes and being ashamed of my own body.